It all started with the Wing Bass…

The Wing Bass was born out of the desire to have a portable instrument available at all times for travel, performance and practice. The concept is simple… place a capo at the twelfth fret of a standard bass and chop the neck off behind the capo. The result is the Wing Bass… an instrument that feels, plays and sounds like a standard scale bass with a capo at the 12th fret.

As a practice instrument, work on anything you normally would including scales, arpeggios, chord progressions, soloing, etc. Since standard gauge strings and spacing are used, the technique exercises you work on are not entirely lost when moving back to your main bass.

For travel, the Wing Bass is small enough to fit in a 21″ carry on, or to place under the seat in front of you, making it easy to take it with you on trips anywhere.

For performance, the Wing Bass is tuned a full octave higher than a standard scale instrument, it sounds great for chordal solo work. To get back down to standard range try any sub-octave pedal, such as the EHX Micro POG or Boss OC-2. Different pedals will give you different flavors.

We know you’ll find the Wing Bass to be blast to play, as well as an asset when you’re craving to play while away from home and your beloved main bass.

(Patent Pending #62105957)


w2The Wing Guitar

At Summer NAMM 2016, in Nashville, we announce our new line of guitars using the same design characteristics as our Wing Bass. The Wing Guitar is essentially a full sized guitar from the 5th fret up. This ends up the same overall size as our basses. You can tune it A-A, or just shift the strings over one and use a heavier gauge E-string to get back down to standard tuning in a compact package.




The Wing Bass 30

Ever since we introduced the Wing Bass, players have been asking us to build longer scale instruments. We don’t ever want to build 34″ scale basses as that is not our market. We compromised and went with 30″ as the scale to suit those who want an instrument that tunes to Low-E or Low-B and plays and sounds like a full scale bass.

Players asked, and we listened. The Wing Bass 30 was also introduced at 2016 Summer NAMM, and brought to 2017 Winter NAMM, receiving an overwhelming response. The general consensus was that the Wing Bass 30 was extremely versatile tone-wise (with just passive electronics), was extremely light (the demo model we brought was just 5.4 lbs), and was a blast to play. We received many offers to buy it off the floor, but this one is staying in-house forever as it represents a milestone for our small, yet growing company.


Manufactured in the USA

Wing Instruments is headquartered in Lincoln, RI and all of our instruments are hand made in New Hampshire by Stambaugh Musical Designs. Combining Chris Stambaugh’s mastery with the use of high quality materials and components, such as Hipshot, Bartolini and DiMarzio, ensures that your instrument will perform as well as you do, and last a lifetime.