Changing Strings

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Here is a very simple way to change the strings on the Wing Bass.

  1. Loosen each string at the bridge until the saddles are all the way forward.
  2. Loosen the clamp screw at the top of the instrument to release the existing strings.
  3. For each new string, insert the non-ball end of the string in the string clamp and insert the ball to the bridge.
  4. Hold down the ball of the string in the bridge saddle flat using a Philips head screwdriver with one hand.
  5. With the other hand rub the string from the bridge to the clamp to get rid of as much slack in the string as possible.
  6. When you’ve gotten all the slack out, and the ball stays in the saddle, tighten the string clamp screw down
  7. Tune the string to pitch, making sure the ball of the string can go under the cover.
  8. Cut the excess string from at the string clamp as flush as possible, so you don’t have sharp ends sticking out.

That’s it! We’ll add photos of this process to this post soon.

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