Derrick Ogden (Iowa, USA)

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Derrick Ogden is a bassist and solo artist in the Des Moines, Iowa area. He plays for the bands: Aries Rising, Agents of Venus and Dr. Doolittle
I’ve searched for years to find a compact bass for travel, practice, and song writing. In that time I’ve owned many headless or scaled down basses that never quite worked for me, and their size made them only marginally better than my full size basses for travel. From the first moment I played Andy’s prototype Wing Bass I knew it would be a success. I use my Wing Bass to practice 2nd octave phrasing, chording, etc., that I’d normally do on my 6 string. This is the perfect tool for impromptu jams or songwriting, and it is effortless to travel with.
I love the choice of Kalium strings on this bass too!
Well done Andy, well done!

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