John Dorado (Ohio, USA)

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John wrote to us after receiving his Wing Bass…

I wanted to let you know the Wing Bass arrived safe and sound yesterday. All I can say is awesome. I am very very happy with the instrument. The workmanship is impeccable. As suggested, I bought an octave pedal, but I love the natural sound and tone of the bass and will probably play it without the pedal most of the time. Best of luck with your business and thanks for developing such a wonderful bass.

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  1. Adrian

    It looks like you guys are using a different pickup. Was that at the request of John, or something you’re offering now?

    • admin

      Hi Adrian,

      At the time we needed to deliver this bass, Bartolini only had the humbucker in the larger format (it’s essentially the same pickup), so we needed to make a decision. No effect on performance, and the player is perfectly happy.


  2. Adrian

    Thanks for the reply. It looks pretty good with that beefy pickup in there. Very nice;)

  3. Jose

    Quiero saber cuanto cuesta porfabor de PerĂº

  4. Frank

    I like the look of the large pickup as well.
    These basses are beautiful.

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