Kalium Strings and Wing Bass Join Forces!

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It’s official! Wing Bass has partnered with Kalium Strings to bring you the most optimal strings and playability to our instruments. Kalium brings to the table balanced set of a unique combination of nickel and steel – not quite as bright as steels and not as ‘scooped’ as nickels. This mix of materials gives Wing Bass strings a tonality that shifts less over time, lasts longer, and exponentially increases the fun-factor when playing a Wing Bass.

Don’t just consider Kalium for the Wing Bass, because your #1 can benefit from Kalium strings as well. Whether it be a standard-tuned bass, extended range or fanned/multi-scale, Kalium can help you with your needs… CHECK THEM OUT!!!

Wing Bass Approved!

NOTE: All Wing Basses shipped after March 1, 2016 will be equipped with Kalium Strings.

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