Luis Cheul (Chile)

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luis_1024_3luis_1024_1Luis Cheul is a bass player, music educator and author from Chile who invented the concept of a bass “less than 60 cm in length” to satisfy his yearning to have an instrument accessible at all times while he traveled around the world with his band. His instrument, called the “Biajero” has served him well over the years, so much so that he recorded an entire album using only this instrument.

Luis flew out to NAMM with us to take delivery on his Luis Cheul Signature Model. If you have an interest in having your own, please contact us.



“This is a special moment in my life that I would like to share with all bass players. Last week I received my new signature model…. The WING 7.

In early 2008, I thought about the remote possibility of creating this prototype with all the specifications that it has today. Two low strings, tuned to standard range, and five high strings tuned an octave up. It also has a special bridge, special pickup for the low register, and MIDI output… nearly impossible in 2008 due to it’s size.

Last year I visited Andy Brown and he introduced me to Chris Stambaugh. Chris is an incredible bass builder, and is able to bring crazy, challenging ideas to life. We talked about the Wing 7 for a short while and he agreed to build this wonderful instrument with all these non-standard options. After I spoke to Chris about it, I couldn’t believe it was actually going to happen, but I just said to myself “trust him”.

After just three short months the Wing 7 was born!! The only little bass that is able to reproduce the normal low register of a traditional bass guitar. Beyond amazing is how I would describe how it works!! With the two low strings, tuned to a standard E and A, I can play a normal bass line, and the sound is really close to a normal bass, due to a dedicated 2-string pickup and output, positioned near the fingerboard.

The other pickup is a single Bartolini humbucker for 7 strings. This pickup also has its own output that is connected to a second amplifier. This setup allows me two find other kinds of sounds, because when I play the upper 5 strings, I am thinking as a guitar player as a solo bass player.

Another piece of wonderful news is that the first 5 strings have a trigger connection to a MIDI OUTPUT. I still haven’t tried the MIDI output with the new WING 7, but all the things work perfectly up to this point. I am confident that I will be able to tell everybody only good things when I try the MIDI output.

The last thing that I wanted to say is… Congratulations!! and thanks!! Wing Bass for building this wonderful instrument. The solution that I had with the Biajero is now available for many bass players over the world. Wing Bass is giving us a chance to keep our “touch” and feel of the bass wherever we choose to go.”


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