Luis Cheul Signature Model

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We are excited to announce the new Luis Cheul Signature Model Wing Bass!

Luis Cheul is a bass player, composer and music professor in Chile as well as the inventor of the “Biajero”, a bass “less than 60 cms” in size. His first prototype was a six string half-scale bass which used to record his entire solo album of the same name in 2007.

Luis teamed up with Wing Bass in 2014 to lend his passion, expertise and input for the launch of the Wing Bass line, culminating in his signature model design which he worked on with Chris Stambaugh.

The Luis Cheul Signature Model has 7 strings. The two lowest strings (tuned Low E and Low A) have their own pickup placed in the “neck” position while the other 5 strings (tuned E-A-D-G-C one octave up) use the bridge position pickup. The upper 5 strings also have MIDI triggers on them to drive MIDI controllers for even more versatility. Each pickup has a dedicated output for the ability to send the signals to two different amplifiers (i.e. Bass / Guitar). Another option is to send the signal of all 7 strings to the bridge pickup with the flip of a switch, optimal for even tunings such as E-A-D-G-C-F-Bb.

Luis will be demonstrating his signature model at Winter NAMM for the annual Bass Bash. Come check it out!

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  1. Adrian

    That’s truly an amazing bass! Can’t wait to see and hear this in action!

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