Wing Instruments “Flight” 7-String Guitar!!! – IN STOCK
Wing Instruments “Flight” 7-String Guitar!!! – IN STOCK

Talk about an exquisite instrument! This guitar was the second of two debuted at Summer NAMM 2018 and is our first foray into the standard scale guitar world. Our Flight guitars feature a carved top, lightweight and extremely smooth playability and tone… and yes they do djent!

This particular instrument was our second produced, but you would think it was built after years of building them. Hand made with premium grade Black Limba (aka Korina) and a very rare 600 year-old piece of Marblewood for the top, this instrument means business out of the gate. The EMG pickups produce a high output yet versatile tone, and is perfect for most appearances. It is tuned BEADGBE on a 27″ scale.

To see this guitar in action, watch the video that our good friend Roger Limoges produced using this guitar and the Solemn Tones “Loki & Mjolnir” VST plugin.

This instrument ships in a Gator Transit gig bag, and has a 7-day Money-Back Guarantee. See our Policies & Legal page for details.

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Wing “Flight” Guitar
Wing “Flight” Guitar

The Wing “Flight” Guitar is our first full-scale offering. Introduced at Summer NAMM 2018 in Nashville, these guitars were a huge hit with attendees. They are made from the finest hand-chosen woods and they are, of course, 100% hand-built in the US.

We are offering 6, 7 and 8 string models with scale lengths between 24-3/4″ and 27″. Bodies are hand-carved and can range from solid body wings to three-piece body wings with fancy tops. For electronics, we are initially offering DiMarzio and EMG pickups and Hipshot headless hardware.

For pricing, please view our Wing Instruments Price List.

Let us know what your dream specs are and we will make it become a reality. (NOTE: The guitar configurator is still being worked on so please contact us at for all inquiries.

Current lead time is approximately 16-24 weeks and is SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on specifications and options.

Some custom orders are non-cancellable, non-returnable.

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Wing Guitar Classic 6-String – IN STOCK!
Wing Guitar Classic 6-String – IN STOCK!

The Wing Guitar is similar in concept to our short scale basses, only instead of being a standard guitar starting at the 12th fret, it’s a standard guitar starting at the 5th fret. This allows you two primary tuning options…

You could tune up a fourth to ADGBEA, or by shifting the strings over one (where your E becomes your A, your A becomes your D, etc..) and using a thicker gauge E string, you can get back to standard EADGBE tuning.

This instrument is highly portable and fits under the seat of an airplane, making it perfect to travel, practice, or performance.


  • One-piece Mahogany Body
  • Master grade Figured Bubinga top
  • Birdseye Maple Fingerboard
  • DiMarzio Humbucker pickup
  • Passive Volume and Tone
  • Tuned EADGBE
  • Custom Gig Bag is Included.
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